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Go Bush in Winter - You Never Know What You Might Find!

Here at Sandy Feet Australia, we are passionate about enjoying the outdoors - not just in summer.  After spending time bushwalking in the school holidays, the team at Sandy Feet Australia  thought we'd share our experiences and provide you with some inspiration for enjoying the outdoors this winter.

We think winter is a great time to head for the hills and enjoy some of the diverse Australian bushland with the kids. The beautiful crisp mornings, fog igniting your every breath, morning frost spreading over the ground, the sun slowly rising, you feel alive. So put on an extra jumper, wrap a scarf around the kids and head outdoors for some adventure. You don’t have to embark on the “Great Trails” to enjoy bushwalking. Some of the most memorable adventures for kids are right on your doorstep. The key is to step into their world, lose time, any logic and allow yourself to fall down the rabbit hole. As you begin your bush walk the kids might be a little reluctant until…you stop, look down and notice an animal foot print on the track. Sure it may look like a paw print from a dog, but look again, is it? Could it be a wild dog, dingo, a wombat or maybe a small marsupial fossicking for food, or perhaps it’s that elusive Australian drop bear. Allow your imagination to run wild and watch as the kids unravel theirs. Kids are naturally curious, all you have to do is plant the seed and they will do the rest. Bushwalking isn’t a race, a test or a challenge it is simply adventure and the kids will love it. And if they love it, chances are, you will too. Soak up the atmosphere, smell the Australian bush, search for local wildlife from insects and butterflies to wallabies with joeys, there is bound to be a creature making a home somewhere around you. It’s a treat to allow ourselves to simply be present in the moment. Enjoy whatever it is that your adventure shares with you. Who knows what your will discover, I hear there’s a mysterious black panther on the loose…!

If your looking for some practical advice to get started, the people at OUTDORIA, and Our Global Adventures, provide some great tips for bushwalking with the kids.

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