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Retro Cool - Kombi Road Trip

As Australians, how can we not pay homage to the beloved Kombi van! It is everything we could've wished for and more. We had so much fun with this cool Kombi at our recent photo shoot for the new range that it got us thinking about the ultimate retro family holiday!

Australia has had a long love affair with the beloved Kombi since the first Volks Wagons arrived on our shores back in 1951. Australia was one of the first in the world to start the Volks Wagon owners Club. We had been bitten by the bug! In 1954 the Kombi was produced from complete knockdown kits out of a factory in Melbourne. With full Australian manufacture of both the Beetle and Kombi occurring from 1959 to 1968. We loved it for so many reasons but the main one of course that it enabled a lifestyle we adored. A lifestyle that was centred around surfing, travelling and friends. We’d gather a group of friends, throw the surfboards in and head for the coast. It was idyllic especially as our Australian shores staged perfect surf conditions. Some of the most popular surfing mecca’s of the time stretched along the NSW coastline from Bateman’s Bay to Byron Bay. Though no matter where you were as long as you were surfing you were living the dream. By the 1960’s Australia had fallen head over heels in love with surfing and the vehicle that could carry your trusty boards and mates. It didn’t get better than this. Freedom, friends, surfing, living …

A lot has changed since the sixties and thank goodness we are now more sun smart! You can still live the dream with companies hiring out kombi’s to recreate that magical retro family holiday. With a record breaking sale believed to have reached over $200,000 for an immaculately restored Kombi, its certainly a cheaper option! There are companies who now offer self drive holidays so you can throw in the kids, boards and of course your favourite sandy feet swimmers and head off to that favourite iconic beach holiday site to create some unforgettable experiences with your kids.

So checkout the Kombi hire options in the local area of your next holiday destination and consider a road trip, we guarantee you'll have lots of fun, our kids loved it!


A big thank you to Jenny and Michael at  Deluxe Kombi Service for sharing their passion with us.
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